Katie Holmes Dresses As Tom Cruise To Elude Paparazzi

In what appeared to be an effort to elude paparazzi, Katie Holmes dressed herself in the clothes of platonic friend Tom Cruise, and hit the streets of NYC. The disguise, a seemingly perfect way to get paparazzi to not take your picture, included the pocket tee that Tom wore in his role as Maverick in Top Gun, and the jeans Cruise was seen not wearing in Risky Business, though sources say she had to have them lengthened to fit her 5’9″ frame, which is 7″ taller than Tom’s.

The fact that these photos emerged however, indicates that foul play may have been involved. Seeing that Katie was spotted as Tom suggests that either someone spotted her and was aware of the disguise, which is unlikely, or more realistically, that the entire thing was just as set up as the Montauk Monster.

It’s simple really. Katie dressed as Tom but knew that no one would take pictures of him, so she hired someone to do the work – it’s sort of like paying your employer to be employed instead of getting paid yourself. The disguise then suggests to the public that she’s constantly hounded by paparazzi, which she isn’t, but which is a great idea – minus her one mistake.

Everyone knows that when you’re trying to revive your waning career, you don’t dress up as, and take the role of someone who’s career is melting like a manora in Auschwitz – it’s just bad business.

Game over Katie, game over – Just throw in the towel now.

FOUND: Peter Griffin’s Sister

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