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Hot Babe of the Day: Shandra! — Caveman Circus

Life Is Beautiful (30 Photos) – Ned Hardy

Shes got legs for days – Bro My God

Cosplay Done Right — Caveman Circus

10 Traits Of An Awesome Girlfriend – Ask Men

You Don’t See That Every Day (18 Pics) – Linkiest

Hot girls with impressive talent – Leenks

17 Early Signs That Show They’re Not The Right Person For You – Thought Catalog

Michelle Rodriguez in Sweaty Tights – G-Celeb

Did Anyone See The Girl With Red Hair (41 Pics) – Radass

Top 10 Unpleasant Facts About John Lennon – Listverse

17 Text Messages That Took A Turn For The Uncomfortable – Celeb Slam

The 20 Funniest Bar Signs Ever – World Wide Interweb

NFL Rookie Retiring Over Brain Injury Fears – Newser

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Would Win A Real Fight – What Culture

The Rock Lip Syncs Taylor Swift and Body Rolls. The End is Near – The Blemish

Open Sesame, A Lock for the 21st Century – The Gentleman’s Garage

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68 Cheerleading Squads of March Madness (Link)

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