I’m glad some are still holding the torch…

LOS ANGELES – In a day where the so-called “greatest” bands consists of a bunch of 8 year old bubble gum stars (yes that includes you Good Charlotte), it’s refreshing to see that at least a few people get it. Take The Pacific, a local Los Angeles band that pushes their ideals of rock’n’roll in every way of life.

Amidst all the bopper-beatsy garbage, these guys aren’t trying to write gimmicky songs with catchy techno-pop phrases, but instead they are influenced by the classics: The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Oasis, and The Libertines to name a few.

If you love music and hate MTV garbage pop, check out this piece done by filmmaker Steve Lee (bionicpix.com) in support of The Pacific‘s recent release Smoke and Mirrors available on Itunes.

Video courtesy of Vimby

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