Harsh, Racist, But Completely Logical


I understand, but I don’t completely understand. The plant owner was robbed of a few shrubberies and was angry enough to go to Kinko’s and get a sign printed. OK. However his logic was a bit shoddy. And no, I’m not talking about the Spanish translation, makes perfect sense.

People from south of the border who speak Spanish are notorious for plant theft, as well as working and/or eating at fast food chains and having absolutely no standards as far as what women (who wear jeans covered in sparkles that are two sizes too small) they choose to sleep with. That all makes sense….

What doesn’t make sense however, is the signster’s comparison of plants to families. Sure plants are broken down into families (I think… Spent most of my bio class not in class), but how is getting your plants stolen like getting your family stolen (families are created through sex… plants… plant fetish? I guess that gives a whole new meaning to the word angiosperm)?

In a fit of rage, the victim must have concluded that because so frequently, Spanish speaking Latino families are catholic and consequently have tons of kids (way to go pope!), with each addition to the family, each family member becomes increasingly less important until ultimately there are so many kids that their value diminishes to that of plant life. Which, unless it gets you high, aint that much.

Apologies to those offended by stereotypes, I know, they can be scary. But an even bigger apology to those that read the whole post. Lots of reading… No Chicks… so <HERE> you go – consider that your consolation prize.

What do you think?

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