Golf Club Fail: The Uro-Club

uroclubIf you’re like me, playing golf is not enjoyable without a tall cool can of beer in one hand, and a tall cool can of beer in the other.

But what are you supposed to do when you’ve had too much to drink and need to use the restroom while stranded on the middle of the course?

Take a leak in the bushes? Gasp. How embarrassing!

With the Uro Club your troubles are finally over. While you’re standing on the green waiting for your buddies to putt, simply remove the stealthy Uro Club from your bag, secure the provided Uro Towel around your waist, unzip your pants and insert your penis into the club’s massive black shaft–now piss away!

Even while they watch you fumble for your junk, sigh, and begin to shiver, your friends will never suspect a thing!

Never be embarrassed by anything but your golf game again–buy the Uro Club today!

(fun in the golden shower squirt toy attachment sold separately)

–“Mike, can I borrow that green towel you’ve got draped over your genitals?”

–“Dammit Jim, can’t you see that I’m checking out my club?”

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