Gisele Bündchen in Santa Monica Links

For more Gisele go here.

  • The Ellen Show dunks this hottie for charity []
  • Tara Reid is really liking her bikini right now [Celebslam]
  • Holly Madison at Chickipedia party [Busted Coverage]
  • All kids want to get tasered by a cop at an underage party then get the cop fired [Tasty Booze]
  • 10 Keg stands by some attractive women [uncoached]
  • Girls Aloud can have some good looking women in it [on 205th]
  • This is an unexpected thing to happen at a wedding [Next Round]
  • Could you imagine the pole actually breaking [Epic Carnival]
  • A-Rod can do so much better than Madonna [Machochip]
  • Oh no, Mary Kate Olson got into a car accident [Drunken Stepfather]
  • The new Guitar Hero [Brahsome]

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