FOUND: Peter Griffin’s Sister

[digg-me]Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, besides being known as irreverent, misogynist and if he were real, the guy I’d most like to grab a beer with, is also known for his violently obtuse jugular – it’s his staple.

And while he is just a cartoon, I find it important that we at Banned In Hollywood address the fact that the Peter Griffin Jowl is not limited to the screen, and is in fact, found in the wild.

That said, to debunk common misconception, it’s also not just limited to males (as seen below).

She looks so happy. Yet so, so very sad.

She looks so happy. Yet so, so very sad…

If you would like to see a few more Peter Griffin’s caught in the wild, please click the thumbnails below. And if you have more unseen Peter Griffin’s, or any other funny pics, feel free to send them in an email to bannedinhollywood(at)gmail(dot)com.

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