Face paint, muscles, stupidity

Despite having grown up in the late 80’s I never managed to jump onto the professional wrestling train. I vividly recall playing with the plush wrestling buddy dolls and beating the crap out of them but somehow never sat down to watch a match. Of the “old school” wrestlers, Hulk Hogan is about the only name that I can honestly remember. Having said that, I now know that this is probably a good thing.

I can now add a new name to my list of professional wrestlers, the Ultimate Warrior. At 6ft 2in and 275lbs the Ultimate Warrior is completely devoid of anything that would resemble an intelligent human being. Yes I know that wrestling is mainly an act, but holy crap! What the f**k is this douchebag saying? Other wrestlers even rolled their eyes at this twat. Sorry but any man who legally changes his name to “Warrior” has some sort of personality disorder.

After seeing this video I became quite intrigued with the Ultimate Warrior and stumbled upon a rather interesting special. If you are like me and find retarded people extremely interesting, youtube “the self-destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.” Now without further adieu, here is a compilation of pre-match rants from the Ultimate Warrior.

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