Ever heard of Heidi Cortez, no? You’ll remember her now…


Heidi Cortez grew up in San Bernardino, California (figures) and ever since she was twelve, she knew she wanted to be a model. When elementary school kids came dressed to school in the outfits worn at the jobs they one day wished to have, most kids came dressed as firefighters, cops, and doctors, but Heidi Cortez came dressed as a model.

A few years later, Heidi recorded an album called “Sexxy Noises,” a masterpiece which Howard Stern got a hold of and played on air. Heidi explains,

“I sent the CD into Howard and for two years they played bits of it over and over again. I have been a Howard Stern fan since I was 12 and one day Howard asked if anyone could track down the owner of the voice behind the Sexxy Noises CD. I happened to be listening and rang in immediately.”

She was asked to come in to the show, got naked, was hired by Playboy, started taking her clothes off more frequently and for more money, and has been modeling ever since.

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