Drunk Animals

Back several summers ago I traveled through Europe with a bunch of friends of mine. We would drink during in the morning, nap during the day, drink at night, and wake up and do it all again. A lot of people talk about how much they procrastinate, especially during college, but you know you’ve got a procrastination problem when you put off your hangovers. That’s really all drinking in the morning is, it’s putting off your hangover until that one day you stay sober.

Anyway, being the young, degenerate, drunk fools that we were (not that much has changed), we had been drinking this terrible German vodka (yea, go figure) and we decided to give a little birdy a cap full of vodka. It ended up making this face no human could ever hope to replicate, and then it puked all over my friend. Now, how we got the bird is another story altogether, but what happened to the bird between the face and the puke (which we kept on the bus), is accurately reenacted in this amazing video.