Dodgers’ Ethier Draws 5-Ball Walk, Bullpen Still Manages To Blow Game

PHILADELPHIA – Despite Dodger right fielder Andre Ethier drawing five balls from Phillies starter Joe Blanton and the Dodgers going into the 9th with a one run lead, Dodger bullpen did not fail at exhibiting their unwavering dependability at blowing games when they matter most.

Home-plate umpire Jerry Layne lost track of the count and allowed Blanton an extra ball before awarding Ethier first base – an error that would prove meaningless as the game turned from unexpected to typical in the 9th inning when Jonathan Broxton blew his 6th game in just 16 opportunities.

Though Broxton was fighting for the still absent role of Dodger Closer, echos in the Chavez Ravine clubhouse sound more and more like Opener after each game the 6’4″ 290 lb Broxton leaves for the opposition’s taking.

Broxton however likes to think positive, reinforcing:

“I grew up in Augusta, GA and was a huge fan of the Master’s, I went every year. I don’t look at Sunday’s loss as a bad thing, but rather a tribute to Phil Mickelson who loses his lead every Sunday year in an year out. He got his green jacket in 2004 and again in 2006, so if I can save just two games all year, it’s been a successful year.”

Dodger insider Christopher Crosby comments:

“Since Andruw Jones‘ stint on the DL, Johnathan Broxton has assumed the role as MVP-TOT, an honor voted on every week and then awarded by skipper Joe Torre with a game ball branded with an asterisk as a tribute to Barry Bond’s record breaking homerun ball.”

The award, Most Valuable Player To Other Team, has only seen the hands of one other Dodger all season, but with the proper dedication and work ethic, GM Ned Colletti believes –

“Everyone will receive the honor at least once, that’s what we’re shooting for. We’re going to need consistency throughout the club if we want to make a serious run at beating the Colorado Rockies out of the coveted number two spot in the West.”

The Dodgers expect to lose the majority of their remaining games but hope not to fall too far behind the last place San Diego Padres who are just 20 games out of first place.

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