Danielle Lloyd and some Linkage

High School stunt goes wrong. Very wrong. – Camel Tap
Rent-a-cop takes his job too seriously – Busted Coverage
Taylor Momsen at Sex Drive screening – On 205th
Alenka Bikar jiggles in all the right places – Brahsome
Top 10 most overrated hot chicks – Tasty Booze
8 reasons to tailgate in Texas – Uncoached
Fat guy does a sexy air guitar – Comedy
Danity Kane gets naked – Celebridiot
Pick up a pair of Mantyhose – Afro Jacks
50 songs my readers better not know by heart – The Angry T
Chick selling her virginity for $3.8 Million – Blog of Hilarity
Playboy advertising fail – Derober

Don’t miss this clip – BBI
Kelly Hu is sexy – DJ Mick
This is hilarious – Palin As President
New Halloween rule for chicks. No costumes, only body paint. – Bachelor Guy

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