Candy Thief vs Cop: Who Ya Got?

Officers cautiously followed this suspected candy thief as he hopped from roof to roof, not knowing what to expect. After a few minutes, they brought out a ladder and sprayed him with pepper spray. He eventually came down and tried to flee the scene but instead ran directly into a parked police SUV.

Police say the teen is likely going to be charged with criminal trespassing for jumping from roof to roof and running from officers in addition to the 100’s of dollars worth of candy he is suspected of stealing.

I’ve never seen recessionomics applied so enthusiastically to Halloween candy — but hey, no one likes the hitting the pueblo that only hands out candy corn and Werther’s Originals.

Banned's Monday Picdump (68 Pictures) 36

Banned’s Monday Picdump (68 Pictures)

Do ilook like nicki minaj?!!?

Do ilook like nicki minaj?!!?