Brooklyn Dodgers wore green in 1937, not just for getting drunk on Patty’s Day

pmlb2-1345167dtI was under the impression that the green jerseys the Dodgers wear on St. Patty’s Day were intended to symbolize what the players’ complexions look like a few hours after the game, and fifteen car-bombs deep–maybe not for Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw but definitely for Joe Beimel (I’m gonna miss your 2am hand mangling barroom brawls buddy), however I stand corrected by die hard Dodger fan, Alyssa Milano, who explained on her blog that the 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers wore green jerseys similar to the replicas seen here for the entire season–an abysmal season they might as well have been drunk for.

So what does this all mean?

They ditched green and went blue after finishing in 6th place, 33 and-a-half games behind crosstown rivals the New York Giants.

And, that it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you should be out drinking in honor of a country that (historians may disagree with me) turned all their potatoes into liquor, got pants shittingly drunk for 90 days, and once all the potato vodka was consumed, suffered from a year-and-a-half long hangover called the potato faminepretty neat.

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