Bird Steals Kids Pet

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t post two videos on the same day, but this, being one of my favorite videos, forced me to.

I used to pitch in little league when I was growing up and for whatever reason, I loved the sound of a fastball hitting the square of an unsuspecting twelve year old’s back, it was worth giving the free pass. It was hollow and empty, but resonated with a satisfactory thud. It was, like Marisa Miller, more than satisfying.

On some strange way, this video brings back those same memories – the father, so worried about his son’s well being. The son, crying himself to sleep that night. And the father, while his son whimpers from the other room, uploading the moment for the world to see… Thank you dad.

“Why don’t you put him up, let him play a little bit… Wooosh.”

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