Banned Sits Down With Playmate Hopeful Michelle Panzarella

Team Banned was lucky enough to sit down with Playboy Playmate hopeful, Michelle Panzarella. Through interrogation we got to the bottom of several current and extremely important world issues, like whether or not her boobs were real.

If you’re like me, then you’re not much into reading words and especially sentences. So head to the bottom of the post and see the latest and greatest from what the sexy Michelle Panzarella has to offer.

BANNED: 2008 is more than halfway over, what can we expect in the coming months?

MICHELLE: “Well I have just been asked to do a test photo shoot for Playmate so you might just see me as one of your 2009 Playmates, and I am in the mix of opening up my own boutique that I am very excited about!”

BANNED: We’ve noticed that you often shoot with other models, who is your favorite to shoot with and why?

MICHELLE: “Well I have only done 1 photo shoot for Playboy with another girl for their Issue of Girlfriends which hasn’t been put out yet, but it was very professional and sexy. I really think If I had to choose, I would love to shoot with Holly (Hef’s #1 girl) she’s beautiful in person and in her photo’s.”

BANNED: What attracts you to Playboy?

MICHELLE: “Everything! Whenever anyone thinks of Playboy I know they think of sexy beautiful woman, but Playboy also lets everyone know that their woman aren’t just beautiful faces and bodies, they let everyone know their models have brains as well! That’s what I love!”

BANNED: How do you feel about the way things went with Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Casting Call?

MICHELLE: “Well for me it couldn’t have went any better. I was asked to do an interview with Bridget and Holly for Bridget’s show on Playboy Radio on Sirius satellite and then Holly came into my photo shoot which I was so excited about so I had a great time!!”


BANNED: What is your next step?

MICHELLE: “Well I’m staying in the mansion for 4 days and test shooting for Playmate so if everything goes well, my dream of becoming a Playboy Playmate might just come true – and I hope to one day become their Playmate of the year so we’ll see!”

BANNED: What is your favorite part about your body?

MICHELLE: “I got to say I like my whole package haha..”

BANNED: Real or fake?

MICHELLE: “After 2 kids something’s just need a little bit of help. I will leave it at that!”

BANNED: You’re a mom but you’re in great shape – Do you think guys are more turned on by the fact that you’re a MILF, and not just an… ILF?

MICHELLE: “hahaha that’s funny, I LOVE being a Milf because my mom was always one, so now it’s funny for me to hear that I am a Milf, but from the comments I get about being a mother of 2 I’m thinking that yes it does turn men on more!”

BANNED: Do you prefer younger or older guys?

MICHELLE: “For me I like older men, there’s nothing hotter than a man in his 30’s to early 40’s who is in shape, has a great attitude toward woman, and knows how to be romantic and have a in depth conversation about life!”

BANNED: If you were single, where should I take you on a first date?

MICHELLE: “tell me it’s a surprise! that’s so sexy!”

BANNED: How far would you go on the first date?

MICHELLE: “A kiss on the cheek! I do have self respect!”

BANNED: Ever had a one-night stand?

MICHELLE: “No never!”

We’d like to say thanks to Michelle Panzarella for being a good sport. Make sure to look out for her in upcoming issues of Playboy. Thanks again Michelle – though there were a few answers I question, we’ve got to take her at her word.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

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