Anna Kournikova Links

Erin Andrews’ skirt can’t get any higher – Busted Coverage
All hail the bikini calendar – On 205th
Jodie Marsh busting out all over the place – Camel Tap
Salma Hayek ginourmous cleavage on TV – DJ Mick
Backing up is hard to do – Don Chavez
When awkward happens: MasturbationTasty Booze
Just another reason to miss collegeUncoached

These shirts are pretty damn funny – Better Than Pants
Top 5 post-apocalyptic moments – YepYep
The Palin porn has been cast – Blog of Hilarity
A-Rod and Madge reunite. Tom Brady is jealous. – Derober
Strip Monopoly anyone? – BBI
SEC power poll – Loser with Socks
7 things rappers can talk about in the recession – Comedy

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Britney Spears Racing Go-Karts in Anaheim

What! No Fishing!?