All Along The Cocktower – The Jimi Hendrix $extape Lives! [VIDEO!]

Los Angeles based Vivid Entertainment claims to be releasing the Jimi Hendrix $extape some time in the coming days. The tape, obtained from a memorabilia collector features Hendrix, or someone who looks like him, engaged $exually with two women. Though the film was shot roughly 40 years ago in a hotel room, and the picture is at times blurry, historians appear skeptical.

Charles R. Cross, a Hendrix Biographer told the Associated Press on Tuesday, “This is somebody that looks like Jimi or is pretending to look like him, but it certainly didn’t look like a dead-on match to me,” during a phone interview. He went on the explain that the nostrils didn’t match Jimi’s, and that the man in the video wore too many rings. But he thinks the most likely reason of all may have been that his boner was two sizes too small. But whatever reason, his cock or his ring, he stood there on Tuesday skeptical of the thing…

The end of that paragraph sounded familiar for some reason – Weird.

There has been much question and speculation as to what title Vivid Ent. will give the video. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of the following.

1. All Along The Cocktower

2. Anus: Fill It With Love

3. Spanish @sshole Magic

4. Little Thing

5. Sperming In The Midnight Tramp

6. Star Spangled @ss Rammer

And Finally ————

7. Hey Ho, Where You Going With My ©um In Your Hand?

And Check out the Video!