Alicia Silverstone falls headfirst into limo door at GQ Awards

silverstoneankle69zz_alicia_silverstone_fall_head_limo_door_gq_awardsI wish I could have been there so I could have been that guy. This situation needed that guy. You know who I’m talking about.

There’s nothing better than watching strangers trip and fall in public and everyone around the victim (of their own fault) squeals and gasps like the attendees of that wedding on youtube where the groom trips on a stair and takes the bride with him on an underwater voyage into the swimming pool–but then there’s just  that one guy off in the back who happens to be holding a beer in one hand and a chili dog in the other and he starts to chuckle, nudges a stranger to his right hoping that he finds the situation funny, but the stranger gives him a disappointed stare because he doesn’t find the situation funny at all, so that guy resorts to more beer, more chili dog, and more throaty chuckle. When others put their cameras down to rush over and help, that guy takes his camera out, snaps a few pictures, and wishes he had pulled his camera out before the fall.

That’s who I strive to be every time someone falls in public, and I wish I could have been that guy when Alicia Silverstone fell headfirst into the door of her limo at GQ’s 2009 Man of the Year Awards.

I also wish pictures of the head-to-limo moment of impact would surface on the internet. Please link to said photos in the comments if you know where they’re hiding.

I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing…

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