6 Strange Board Games

It’s no stretch to say that all board games are not created equal (especially when they’re called The Underground Railroad) — Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk are more involved than Chutes and Ladders.

But when it comes to Board Games, the following 6 titles stand in a class of their own.

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6. The Blowing Game For Kids

I’m not sure how the Blowing Game is an intelligence game, but I can confirm, however, that with a proper strategy and a lot of practice, the game does play rather quickly.

Check your local Walmart for the updated Ted Haggard edition.

5. The Llama Game

For the aspiring ranch-hand or prodigal llama packer there’s no better gift — just make sure to pick up the 7-pound llama shit expansion pack — adds to the realism.

4. Battleship, For Men

Perfect for holidays and family get-togethers. Insider tip: if there are too many women at your holiday party and not enough chores, assign each one a position as designated hit & miss plotter. That way it’s less work for you and you can spend your precious energy lifting your beer and feeling up your designated plotter while your wife scrubs suds in the kitchen.

Holiday win.

3. The Green Thumb

Follows the same and highly advisable logic as, “be nice to fat people — one day they may save your life… by being the slowest in the group of your friends being chased by a bear.”

Green thumb tip: To be even greener, mince your dead obese for use as fertilizer in your tomato garden — not only will they consume less of the earth’s resources, they become a resource too — two birds, one stone.

2. New From Tubman’s Game Club

Fun for kids and parents of all ages. For a limited time, take an additional two-fifths off the advertised retail price this holiday season.

Goes well with collard greens.

1. What’s Yours Like?

If yours is tight, this isn’t going to work. Mine is 4-inches in diameter, and yes, I know what you’re thinking, right? Wow, 4-inches!…

Yea, I know, it looks like a big pink hockey puck.

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