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5 Moments In Diddy Being Diddy

There’s something strangely satisfying about watching someone who takes himself so seriously step in a steamy pile of dogshit. And because P Diddy has done this and more, he has earned himself his own top 5 list.

Congratulations Diddy, and make sure you thank Rakim for standing up for your right to make computers dumb enough for black people to use (Rakim’s words, not mine). Without him, you might have had to use actual instruments.

5. Diddy Checkin’ Titty

4. Diddy Inspecting Titties

3. What The Fuck Is You?

2. God Hates Gold Shoes, And Auto-Tune

1. J-Lo x KFC 12 Pc. Bucket = Diddy Gettin’ Dat Ass

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