5 Fantasy Football Draft Personalities

His goal – Draft every player from his favorite NFL team, regardless of skill.

Look, we get that you’re a diehard Houston Texans fan. How could you not be? They’ve been in the league what, all but 8 years? But no one was going to take Matt Schaub in 2nd round or even the 10th. This drafter will justify his choices by saying he gets “double points” when his QB throws a touchdown to his wide receivers. He tends to forget that this is a two-way street and will get “double zeros” when his team gets shutdown.

Record: 6-8

His goal – Draft players rated highly in Madden.

This guy was the one taking Michael Vick in the first round a few years ago. And if he was able to, he’d take him again this year. He drafts players based on their highlight reels, which is why he thinks Devin Hester is a steal in the 3rd round.

Record: 4-10

His goal – To avoid the live draft.

No matter how much you try to compromise on a draft time that everyone will be able to make, this guy will find a way not to show up. And he usually gets first or second pick. However after the computer takes Peyton Manning or LaDanian Tomlinson, he’s left with the cupboard bare when the computer drafts two kickers in the first ten rounds. Inevitably, he’ll IM you and complain about his team and never bother to reorder his roster for the remainder of the season.

Record: 3-11

His goal – To end up with a roster that is completely different than the one he drafted.

With football, injuries are to be expected. Thus, you must pick up players to fill out your roster. However, this drafter will buy and sell players like he’s a broker on Wall Street. He’ll make upwards of 40 moves a season and still only end up in 2nd or 3rd place.

Record: 9-5

His Goal – Pick up as many rookies and second year players as humanly possible then brag if one or two pans out.

This drafter subscribes to the shotgun theory whereby he takes a bunch of players way higher than they should ever go. This guy was apart of “The Great Reggie Hysteria of 2006,” where guys passed up known fantasy commodities on an untested rookie in Bush. Take advantage of these drafters, as they will be taking McFadden early, while leaving you with better, proven options.

Record: 7-7

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