5 Exceptionally Awesome Advice Columns

Ozzy's Advice

Why you would ever write into a newspaper asking about your grandson doing camel toads is beyond me, but then again poisonous Amazonian frog snorting isn’t really my thing.

This is 5 Exceptionally Excellent Advice Columns.

5: If Men Wrote Advice Columns

If men wrote advice columns they would go something like this. Unfortunately, like the next example’s inquiry, this column is fake, and we know this because Miriam‘s man-advice made no mention of sandwiches and/or blowjobs.

4. The Renaissance Man of Modern Dilemmas

The true Renaissance Man, while spanning expertise in a significant number of subject areas, causes no offense to their insignificant other.

3. Then one Thing Led To Another…

Advice: Save your money and your worries, you do not need an abortion — there’s an 89% chance your dog cannot get you pregnant.

Oh you meant the postman?

2. No Thanks, I’ll have The Camel Frogs

While I am a fan of snorting camel toads on the reg, I’m partial to mainlining beef curtains in my mom’s basement.

1. Emma Seems To Know Her Shit

You forgot the part about the sandwich making.

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