5 Essential Radiohead Songs You Might Have Never Heard


How Can You Be Sure

In 1993, Frontman Thom York commented that the title of the track How Can You Be Sure? was tentative and that he planned to change it. Although he never officially made the change, when How Can You Be Sure was released on the first Japanese issue of The Bends, the song was called When I’m Like This.

Fans of Radiohead’s acoustic singles will love this track. The female background vocals in the second verse are performed by Dianne Swann, of the band The Julie Dolphine.

Banana Co.

The track Banana Co. first aired on an acoustic radio session Thom did in 1993 which after a warm reception was followed by a studio version that was released on the benefit compilation Criminal Justice: Axe the Act (also available as a B-side on the second part of the Street Spirit release).

If you’re familiar with the track, you most likely have heard the most popular acoustic version of Banana Co. found on the Austrailia/New Zealand Itch EP.

Blow Out (Remix)

Blow Out received its first wide release on Radiohead’s 1993 album Pablo Honey but the Remix was only made available on the 2nd release of the four track Creep record available in the UK.

While the differences are subtle, Blow Out (Remix) proved worthy enough to earn a spot next to the original on the 2009 Deluxe Edition of Pablo Honey.

Anyone Can Play Guitar

Anyone Can Play Guitar is a track from the band’s first album Pablo Honey which was released as a single just a few months in advance of the album on the 7″ US version of Creep.

The track failed to make an impression on charts but was a staple on Radiohead’s mid-nineties setlists. The track would also find a spot on the 2009 Deluxe Edition of Pablo Honey.

Thinking About You (Demo)

Thinking About You, which was released as an acoustic track on Pablo Honey, was originally recorded as an electric guitar driven track on the band’s second demo tape in 1991.

If the final acoustic version sounds primitive, the demo is prehistoric. The track is one of the least Radiohead-ish sounding songs available and can now be found on the 2009 Deluxe Edition of Pablo Honey.

Honorable Mention:

Stop Whispering US Version (Pablo Honey Deluxe)

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