347 Fans Attend Florida Marlins Game

Florida Marlin ownership may try to blame it on hurricane Irene (and technically they’re right), but there’s no denying that Floridian baseball fans have absolutely no interest in heading to Sun Life Stadium (which will see even less use after that whole ‘The U’ incident) to spend $12 on a beer while watching the Marlins get pummeled.

On Wednesday the 24th of August, the Florida Marlins set records. Yahoo! Sports reports:

According to @790Justin, there was an unofficial headcount of 347 fans in the stands for the first pitch of Wednesday’s doubleheader at Sun Life Stadium. Justin Cohen counted five sections with three or fewer people in it and three completely empty sections. The Marlins haven’t announced the official attendance, but it likely won’t challenge the record of the smallest crowd in modern history (believed to be 653 during a Oakland Athletics game in 1979).

However, Marlin ownership didn’t see it this way (counting tickets sold, not actual attendance), announcing the doubleheader’s official attendance as 22,505 fans.

Hopefully Stanton puts a charge in the fanbase come 2012 or this franchise is going under.

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