30 Great Moments In The Jesus With You Always Meme

For years farm boy, career Air Force officer, fighter pilot, test pilot, engineer, manager, and now artist, Larry Van Pelt has been creating pencil drawings of Jesus in a series called Jesus — With You Always.

Van Pelt writes, “The enclosed images are from 11×14 pencil drawings that are the result of an undertaking that began when I was 50 years old. I was awakened in the middle of the night with a clear, vivid impression that the Lord wanted me to do some special drawings — drawings depicting ordinary people in their everyday environment . . . . with one important addition: the presence of Jesus Christ and His involvement in those routine activities.”

Thankfully, while he was creating drawings, the internets were creating memes. This is one of them.

The Matrix Alternate Ending

Tornado Steals Guy's Hamburger 2

Tornado Steals Guy’s Hamburger