28 Kids Games That Are No Longer Fun

Remember playing Pogs with that fat kid Trevor down the street from you who was six years your senior, was bigger, stronger and quicker than you and thus had the dexterity to employ the metal slammer he so heartlessly commandeered the Pog collection you spent six months collecting with?

The following is fat Trevor from down the street projected on all of your favorite childhood games and toys.

Credit the talented photoshoppers in the Something Awful Forums. They have several more games up and make sure to head over and check them out.

28. The Sims: The Bush Era

27. There’s Waldo

26. Call of Duty

25. The “Equal Rights” Game

24. Battleshit

23. Healthy, Healthy Hippos

22. Etcha-A-Horizontal-Line

21. Lincoln Log

20. Big Package Barbie

19. Connect Two

18. Untwister

17. DS Pencil

16. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Sightreading

15. Infinitetris

14. Paint By Number

13. Corporate Life

12. See N’ Say No More

11. Watch It Wither!

10. Religious 8-Ball

9. Guitar Hero: John Denver

8. Even More Frustrating Sonic

7. Endless Juice Pong

6. Why Am I In This Much Trouble?

5. Clue: CSI

4. Dungeons And No Dragons

3. RIP GI Joe


1. Guess Who, Didn’t Do It…

Special thanks SAFs

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