15 Unusual Sexually Charged Photos

We’ve done a few different versions of this same idea in, the great found porn gallery and 20 illustrated sfw sexual euphemisms, but this time we’re going a slightly different route.

This time we’re running the gamut, from Marinated Rape fillets to MILF Realtors who promise blowjobs to unsatisfied customers… go figure.

Enjoy these 15 unusual sexually charged photos.

15. I Do it for the kids.

14. So that’s what they mean by pipe cleaning.

13. And the calculus class couldn’t stop giggling…

12. Abbreviation Fail.

11. Not so subtle.

10. So Japan, that’s what you’re gonna call an injured arm? Really?

9. Only around the holidays.

8. I’ll take 3 lbs with a side of sautéed humiliation.

7. I think MILF is a bit of a stretch for this bunch.

6. And for just $5 more, enjoy our unlimited buffet.

5. At 4 pumps, extraordinarily concentrated is an understatement.

4. Ever been to the Wang-Holders? Throw a mean party…

3. Easily the greatest name ever.

2. Not exactly what I would have called them.

1. The only honest Hallmark card ever made.

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