15 Moments In What The Fu©k!

While perusing through the internet, I come across tons of pictures that force me to say “What The Fu©k” (Yes, I even say “fu – Copyright – k”). Eventually I compile too many and find it necessary to share what I work so hard to avoid in my daily life with you, my loyal reader.

Hopefully you will feel the same way after seeing these glorious 15, but if not you can go fu©k yourself… Enjoy.

15. If your junk’s broke…

Why fix your situation when you can fix your state of mind? Looks like you’re going to need another bottle there soon champ.

14. Made In China…

Sometimes hawking labor to China pays off in negative ways.

13. Makes you nervous…

What do you do if the only urinal left is the 7cm? This puts a whole new set of rules into what men call The Urinal Game.

12. Am Depressed…

Your life is obviously conflicted. You have no idea why people enjoy avoiding your company, so you shave your head but leave a mud-flap to hang over your face. You then put on your sad face, snap a pic and upload it to MySpace.

Sometimes it’s so sad to so simply determine why someone is so sad – it’s cyclical. An old fashioned catch-22. You’re sad because no one wants to be your friend, but no one wants to be your friend because you’re sad.

11. Rock…

I don’t know what the fu©k that is, but god damn if I saw that thing at Coachella I’d head to it’s stage instead of Radiohead’s for the same reason people make the trip to see the Aurora Borealis.

10. Reproductions spawns Star Wars sequels…

How do you think Lucas did it?

9. WTF are you???

I think the bigger question is, who the fu©k owns a pair of glasses that are that god damn small?

8. LARPing…

It’s usually played with friends, which means it’s never played at all.

7. No need for an abortion…

Just tell your kid to go out and play on the jungle gym – If he comes back, at least he’ll have a raging case of tetanus.

6. Mad Asian Gropage

The things mascots get away with – I guess there are perks for taking the job after all.

5. They do exist…

When I say this I don’t mean to sound racist, or sexist, or defamatory towards the disabled, or like an asshole, but that thing is god damn disgusting. In the words of Bill O’Reilly, “I don’t know what that is… I’ve never seen that.”

4. Bet you wish you had a garage…

What’s the post-ice process here? Ice pick? Heater? Wait until summer?

3. Why?

This is the type of product you purchase and then slip into a buddies pocket to see how he reacts. If he shows you and laughs, he’s cool. If he get’s embarassed and hides it – well – he’s hiding something from you (and likely himself).

2. If your junks broke, have a smoke…

This guy exudes indifferance and it’s amazing. How many people do you know that would pop their head out of the window to see what’s wrong while dragging their cigarette as their car sinks into a river. Awesome.

1. Office Mods…

This pair of skates is full of contradictions – Office chair wheels were obviously used to replace roller skate wheels, but based on the choice in shoes, this cannot be in an office. That said, maybe the boot owner had no use for the office chair and just really wanted some skates. Who knows…

What do you think?

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