14 Improvisations on the Road

I’m not going to discuss every picture, mostly because that would take thirteen times as long as just discussing one, but if you feel like adding your two cents or if you have links to other improvisations, please let us know in the comments area.

Do it live.

13. Tow Truck

12. Pickup

11. Custom Handlebars

10. Hybrid

9. Limo Tint

8. Custom Rims

7. Boarderhop Recliner

6. Roadhead

5. Badass

Soccermom homing and gaydar sold separately.

4. A/C

What? his Suburban didn’t come with AC and he wanted it. What’s the big deal?

3. Flintstonemobile

2. Custom System

This guy did it right. I hate the fact that newer head units don’t include a tape deck – this guy has got two. The only reason it looks old is because it is old, but what really matters is that he’s being inventive.

The tape deck acts as a mobile recording device. Similar to what TiVo is to television, this genius is able to record talk shows he hears on the radio while driving to the unemployment office, not in hi fidelity. I wish I was smart enough to not have given my old stereo to the Goodwill.

1. Drive Thru-out

Sure we wrote an article about the above picture awhile ago, but it’s difficult not to include such a great photo in such a list.

Remember Xzibit’s show Pimp My Ride? He would take beaters and transform them into cars that looked brand new – but in the process, he would find out what the owner’s hobbies were and attempt to include them into the customization of the car.

So sure you have a great, brand new, customized vehicle, but every time you take a corner at 30 MPH the sixty gallon fish tank that X installed in place of your back seat because you told him you like fish splashes all over your face and your girlfriend as flounder and Yellow Tail Tuna launch out of the left rear window of your custom ride and onto the sidewalk. The McDonaldsmobile is essentially this same fatal flaw repeated without any of the benefits of customizing your car.

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