13 More Awkward Store Names

Store name Fails

Being relatively well traveled and having lived in Los Angeles my entire life, I know we have some of the greatest restaurants in the world — Screw Les Halles, who doesn’t eat at Chili’s, Applebees, and/or TGI Fridays at least twice a day?

But sadly, being spoiled by these fine LA eateries means I just don’t have time to check out Shatin Chinese Food, Cabbages & Condoms, and the many many varietals of Flavors of Negros — I hear the Congolese Crisps are delicious.

Until then, enjoy these Awkward Store Names.

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Those Who Can't Do, Teach, And Those Who Can't Teach, Teach PE 2

Those Who Can’t Do, Teach, And Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach PE