10 Signs You Drank Too Much: Just Takin’ A Nap Edition

puke drunkI can’t even tell you how many times we’ve done this feature (oh, and before I forget, click here for the full sized photo on the left), because everytime I compile a drunk list like this, it makes me want to drink, and then I go out and get asscanned and my friends end up with tons of pictures of me that end up looking frighteningly similar to the following 10 photos.

Consequently, I never remember which pictures I’ve used or how many times I’ve used them (however I can steer you to a few of them — click here for Drunk Part One, Drunk Part Two, Drunk Part Three, Drunk Part Four, Drunk Part Five). I’m surprised I finished this list, because I just took a few shots… And they’re starting to  hit mem.

Ijdneust wandet to sa ythetd iI loev you    guy. iy3ou visbitors for vieewinng thees,

10. Just Takin’ A Nap

9. Chillin’ Wit Ma Dawg

8. How You Spoon When You Don’t Get Laid

7. Nursing Nancy

6. Blankets Are For Pussies

5. The Ol’ “Hey Ladies” **Upskirt Crotch Shot**

4. Just Takin’ A Dump Takin’ A Nap

3. The Ol’ Puke Out Your Dick Trick

2. Lemme Just.. Check Out… This… Crack In The Ground….

1. She Actually Looks Kinda Hot. That Weird?

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