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10 More Signs You Drank Too Much


Back by popular demand, we bring you the latest installment of our Top 10 Signs You Drank Too Much series.

Most of you have probably found yourself in similar situations as the following 10 drunks — and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you mistook yourself for a bicycle, but I think it’s safe to assume that we’ve all done the toilet hug at some point in life.

Click here for part one, for part two, and for part three of the Top 10 Signs You Drank Too Much series.

10. You’re Just Hangin’ Out


9. Nice Catch


8. You Moisturize Your Face With Toilet Water


7. Restroom = Bedroom


6. You’re Trying To Be A Bike


5. You’re Wearing Tevas And A Fanny Pack


4. What Time Is It?


3. You Can’t Keep Your Dentures In


2. Someone Jacked Your Shoelaces


1. You Have Been Coned Off


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