Will Ferrell At His Best

Though it went un-aired, this is quite possibly the greatest Will Ferrell SNL skit in history. I can’t figure out why this didn’t make the cut, maybe because every character breaks down laughing. The first time this video was released was on the Bonus Features on The Best of Will Ferrell Volume 1 (which I highly recommend), and was really the last time Ferrell did anything worth watching (less Old School, Anchorman, The Landlord, and a few cameos… But come on, that soccer movie? No one likes soccer in America).

This is the type of comedy we don’t see anymore from Will (and the rest of The Frat Pack). Instead he’s gone on to do the redundant Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory (John Heder that douchebag) and Talladega Nights (which had its moments) with less than supporting, not funny co-stars (again Heder, you douchebag). And don’t get me wrong, it’s not just Will Ferrell that has succumb to the Stygian, commercial and repetitive media-conglom slate films (see Drillbit Taylor, Walk Hard, Fred Claus etc…).

And what it comes down to is the big media Congloms riding enormous movies on the shoulders of their stars, when some of the weight should be distributed to the under-appreciated writers – Funny actors make funny writing even more funny. So when you give Will a crap script and stick him next to John Heder, who makes funny writing terrible, you’ve got yourself a forgettable pile of dog$hit.

Seth Rogen has provided a breath of fresh air as both an actor and a writer, especially in Superbad. The key here being, he needs to act in what he writes (again, see Drillbit Taylor). But enough with my fulmination, just watch and appreciate some old school Ferrell.

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