Why Don’t They Make A Video Rental Store For Books?

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so absolutely stupid. I think to myself, that’s got to be fake, no one is that dumb. But then I realize no one is smart enough to be able to pretend to be this dumb…

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  • Desce

    This is a 2 year belated reply and maybe this site isn’t up anymore. Yet as I look for the very same idea that selekta or whoever, came up with for their sister and see how many people think that person is either dumb or stupid, I felt a need to clarify. Point being, how many people in the united states and beyond love movies? Now, anyone who has ever gone to a library, where yes they do loan movies and books out for free, they will also be forced to admit the selections are not always so great. Especially if you want to rent a brand spanking new movie that just came out last week or two weeks ago. So if they really want to see that movie, what do they have? Oh yes, they have hollywood video, blockbuster, a new concept known as redbox and even able to watch the movies online these days. Now I ask you, what do book lovers have? Yes we have ebooks, but you still have to pay for them. Yes there are libraries, but like movies, if you want the newest available books, you have to wait months and write in a suggestion before they’ll even consider adding another to their collection. Then too is the fact that they screen their books and won’t let some that are too extreme through. As the person who you call stupid or dumb said, book lovers spend 1000’s of dollars a year if not more, buying books. It would stand to reason that like movie renters the world over, we’d want some place where we wouldn’t have to spend every dime we have, every time we see a book we want to read. We can just read it and if we like it, then we buy it from a local store. If we don’t like it, then it was just a rental and can be sent back and someone else could enjoy it and discover they want to buy a brand spanking new copy. Even an ebook rental store like an itunes for books would work, but again, it’s a matter of selection. It’s a valid idea and I’d bet there’d be more people interested if others would stop putting it down because they’ve never enjoyed a book in their life.

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