Who’s The Dumbest Athlete Ever?

dumb_athletes_articleElecting just one athlete from an eclectic mix of 50+ stupid professional sports figures is no easy task, especially when John Daly and Lenny Dykstra are on the same bill. It’s a little too easy to nominate OJ because he’s the most prolific – his decade ago crime transcends the publicity that Plexico and Floyd Landis garnered combined, but when we take into consideration the fact that he opted to co-star in a Frank Drebbin flick, “Dumbest Athlete Ever” becomes a rather inaccurate title.

I’m torn between John Daly and Lenny Dykstra. How am I supposed to choose between a man who made and then lost all his money, and a man who’s stumblingly drunkenly in his footsteps (and into Hooters)?

Head on over to the official poll and cast your vote.

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