How degrading…

And now for our daily link roundup:

Hump Day Hotties [Funtasticus]

The 50 best (female) wardrobe malfunctions in sports [Guyism]

YouTube Hero Toiletdude7 Reviews Over 200 Different Commodes [Asylum]

The Office Set Gets Even More Awkward [COED Magazine]

4chan Sends Justin Bieber to North Korea [Fork Party]

World of West Virginia [Fork Party]

Got a Problem? Call Childhood Obesity Man! [Uncoached]

8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite of What You Think [Cracked]

25 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes [PopCrunch]

The Best Animated Movies You’ve Never Seen [IGN]

Unwanted Erections In Life Graph [Regretful Morning]

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