Want A Girl Like Megan Fox? Get An Axe Detailer

If you’re like me, then you think that because you got a brand new penile implant to enlarge your package to “pick up the chicks these days,” Megan Fox will be in your back pocket by the years end.

But your wrong, because while your junk grew two sizes too large, the baby pink shower puff ball that your ex left in your bathroom didn’t – and as you might imagine, a penile implanted package is difficult to clean.

What you need is the Axe Detailer.

To get one, go to the Axe Detailer Facebook Group and post the following on the wall:

I need a Detailer!


The kind people at Axe will be more than happy to send you one free of charge, but remember, they only have a limited number to give away, so be one of the first to post to ensure you get yours.

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