Trying Too Hard To Be Cool Fail


Scariest Cereal Mascots.  [Top Cultured]
Songs You Always Hear At The Bar.  [Guyism]
Optical Illusion. [D&T]
This Chick Knows How To Pick Em.  [Next Round]
BMW Driver Fails At Parking.  [Totally Crap]
The Dolphins Have A Red Carpet?  [Don Chavez]
Bulls Won’t Re-sign Tyrus Thomas.  [Hoop Docs]
Pedobear’s Halloween Adventure.  [GeekPadShow]
10 Foreign Horror Classics.  [Liquid Generation]
Green Cocktails For Your Halloween Party.  [The Bachelor Guy]
If Work Were Limited To 140 Characters.  [Uncoached]
Bob Griese Is Racist.  [Straight Pinkie]
Paris Hilton’s Halloween Costumes Through The Years.  [Tasty Booze]

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