• It’s very Funny .. :)

  • anon-y-mouse

    Why on earth did I never think of doing this sooner?

  • Ben

    Amazing! I love laughing out loud.


    Wow, sick. This demonstrates fairly well how twisted idiots you can find from the Internet. Trolling however has little to do with this, this is just plain malevolent attack against a person.

    • Shhh

    • Cheshire

      Looks like a silly prank, to me. Maybe I’m different, but if someone did this to me I’d laugh it off. Facebook pictures aren’t my life, and have no bearing on the real world. (at least mine don’t) Lighten up, Francis, and learn to take a joke.

  • Cookie-Garris

    THANKYOU!!! I haven’t heard my own laugh in a long time and it’s been such a bad day I am truly grateful to whoever Oli & Alex are for sharing this hidden treasure with us. And also to whoever the obviously sadistic, diabolical, fun loving, evil, happy-go-lucky genius who devised this simple but brilliant personal attack against a friend. Well done!

  • KonaGal

    THIS WAS HILARIOUS ! and the very best part of the whole thing is that this guy in the photo has a friend who is talented enough and to take the time to play this prank….. very few people I know have that much time on their hands that they can play games online for hours and hours and don’t have to work !

  • Mark

    Those “protests” (comments on the pics) sound so fake.

  • Karen


  • I lol’ed until the dog barked at me…. very funny!!!

  • he is pretty good in photo editing though. hehehe

  • Nick

    “Sick”, “twisted”, and a “malevolent attack”? Really? If this qualifies as a malevolent attack in anybody’s eyes, they clearly have absolutely no perspective. This is a harmless practical joke that at worst could be seen as somewhat annoying. People who make a big deal out of stuff like this are so obnoxious; if you don’t have problems big enough in your life to keep you busy, stop making up new ones just to occupy yourself….

  • carole from Ontario Canada

    I am older than most people on here (bets) and I still think it’s funny! It’s amazing what a “little” difference can make in the looks of someone. Talented artist, I would be honoured to have this person as a friend. and he ‘s a comedian to boot…Lighten up folks. It’s not like he encouraged them to comit suicide,

  • Marcus

    It’s fascinating how such small changes can make something ordinary into something that’s so hilarious. Subtle and ingenious.