Top 14 Wrestling Fails (Pics/Gifs/Videos)

Remember when you found out that Santa Claus didn’t exist and your whole world shook off its foundation? Well this is kind of like that, only with a lot more spandex and a guy trying to suck Hulk Hogan’s dick.

And maybe a broken neck or two…

14. That’ll Leave A Mark

13. So, What Do We Do When Someone Is Actually Hurt?

12. Nom

11. The Black One’s So… Athletic…

10. Post-Piss Underwear Pee Circle To The Eye

9. How The Hell Did I Get In Here?

8. And I Thought Ball Slap Was Bad In A Swimming Pool…

7. WooooooooOoOoo

6. The Broken Arrow

5. Nutshot To The Air-Chin

4. Bruce! Gawd, Not Yet, Get Back Here, You Screwed It Up!

3. Gobbobblenobblenomomnom

2. Midgets x Buttered Floor

1. How Isn’t He Blee… Oh.


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