Top 10 Sexually Charged Vanity Plates

While there are already numerous top 10 vanity plate lists floating through the intertubez, I’ve yet to see one that deals specifically in plates designed to scare women away (also works to lure Kirstie Alley, especially coupled with Papa John’s delivery sign affixed to roof of car).

Several of these have been floating around the web for a while, but there are a few hidden gems in here that I’m confident you’ll enjoy…

10. Picture Taken On Pen island, HI

9. Does Not Go On Foot

8. **Applause**

7. The Ted Haggardmobile

6. Diva Gina Drives Pontiac, Singing Career Is Struggling, Knows Not Why

5. Old But Fitting… Very Loosely I Might Add.

4. Definitely Bought The Frame After This Pic Showed Up On Craigslist’s Missed Connections M4M


2. Veronica Abigail Gibbs?

1. Vin Diesel’s Vanity Plate

Paris Hilton Spotted In Rio de Janeiro… On Chatroulette

Good Job Canada