Top 10 Rejected Expansion Team Names

[digg-me]With the Supersonics’ recent departure from Seattle, the Oklahoma City team must choose a new name. Since there are no lakes in Los Angeles and a severe lack of jazz in Utah, we here at Banned In Hollywood created the top ten rejected and geographically appropriate franchise names.

10. New Orleans Looters

“Free” Heinekens for the first 1,000 fans in attendance.

9. Salt Lake City Polygamists

“Every night is family night at Poly Pavilion!”

8. San Diego Wildfire

The roof is on fire. No seriously. There’s fu©king ash in my eye.

7. Seattle Anarchists

We are winning. You are losing. Well, even if we aren’t winning, we have these sweet bandannas.

6. L.A. Riots

Think blowing that 4th quarter lead feels like a blow to the gut? Now you can have the real thing for no extra charge!

5. Miami Colostomy Bags

Don’t miss a minute of the action while in the restroom!

4. Las Vegas Herpes

What happens in Vegas, itches an eternity.

3. New Jersey Guidos

Show your team spirit with a popped collar, fake tan, and more grease in your hair than an Asian buffet. Who wants a Jäegerbomb?

2. Detroit Drive-Bys

Where sportsmanship happens. But probably not.

1. Oklahoma City Bombers

What’d you think we meant?


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