Top 8 Racist Things I Found On The Web

Here at Banned In Hollywood, we like to think of ourselves as incorrectly politically correct. We think it’s important to highlight race issues to render them less taboo.

Though our efforts usually fail, please remember that we are not in any way racist – the below 8 instances in racism, whether intentional or not, are simply images that we found while traveling in our cottonmobile on the trail of tears, where we eat rice and watermelon, and drink Kool Aid while playing basketball blindfolded with dental floss on the web.

That said, I present the Top 8 Racist Things I Found On The Web

8. Chop Suey Specs

Replace all your L’s with R’s and your friends will never know you’re not Oriental.

“Oh, herro fwend!”

7. Teaching Kids At A Young Age

I’m not sure which is more racist, the fact that the only black guy on the bus is riding alone in the back, or the fact that the white kids are crying, presumably because the black guy in the back is smiling and staring at them.

6. Black Kid’s Computer Desk

Guy: “Yee target playa, what it is, what it is? I’s lookin’ for a desk for my lil’ baby playa, yee.”

Employee: “Oh great, please head to Black Kid isle. It’s in the back of the store.”

Guy: “But dis I’da desk I wan, right hurr.”

Employee: “I understand, but please, this is the white kid isle. The black kid version is in the back of the store in the black kid isle. It’s adjacent to the watermelon isle, you can’t miss it.”

5. Racism Towards English Speakers

I guess maybe you pay extra for translation?

4. ‘What Makes My Breakfast Taste So Nice?…’

‘…Why, the fact that I don’t have to pay someone to bring it to me of course.’

3. The Personal Preference Versus Racism Type Of Racism

First of all, can you really call a baby made in China African American? Wouldn’t it be African Chinese or simply, Black? Maybe not, but regardless, I think this is more an issue of personal preference rather than of racism. To be fair, maybe the people who bought the African American Dream Baby simply didn’t have as much fun as the people who bought the Blonde Dream Baby – race aside.

Now if the African American Dream Baby were 20% off instead of just 16%, then you’ve got yourself some good ol’ fashion racism.

2. This Year’s Black History Month Is Going To Be A Racist One

I’m just going to let this one speak for itself.

1. WNBA Racism

I forget now where I found this one, but I remember thinking the above picture was funny in a taboo sort of way. Then I saw the below photoshop and the above picture suddenly wasn’t so taboo.

Judging by her jersey, I’m guessing this isn’t actually the WNBA, but did anybody actually notice? Didn’t think so.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree with Footle.
    The majority of these aren’t at all racist unless you want them to be.
    In my opinion, it takes a racist to see all these “racist” pictures.

  2. …or it takes someone with a keen eye and a good sense of humor.

    How do you explain #2? Cottonballs and Black History Month together at random? I don’t think so.

  3. I think the AA folk are gonna be screeming when they see the Black History Month above-yes-those COTTON BALLS! Conna complain to the manager about this I guess.

  4. Forget that, #5 (oranges?) is definitely racist, #6 is kind of weird, and #7 is just agenda based. Oh, and I think that #1 is Czech Republic vs. Jamaica…not sure though.

  5. I think some of you are reading way too much into this. Yea some of this stuff could be deamed racist, but I think this post is supposed to just make fun of it all, you know. Don’t take yourselves so seriously.

  6. The post would be amusing sans the explanations, most of the comments are more racist than the photos and yes I’m black and I could buy and sell all your cracker asses. Funny, isn’t it?

  7. I sorry to say this but by spotting these pics and making an issue out of them, makes me think what kind of person you are??? you must obviously be desperate to make yourself noticed for somestrange reason. I actually think you and you alone see these pictures as racist.
    People have enough troubles getting on now adays with day to day stress people like you can just make even harder for people to try to get along, and can cause more conflict in this world.

    • responce to Whitey hater

      who started ww1-germans

      who started ww2-germans

      who killed off all the native americans-whites didnt kill them ALL. they moved them but this was a terrible thing no doubt, and many did die. that was 200 years was not us but the ones who lived 200 years ago!!!!.

      who treated aboriginees as shit- fuck you. blacks were enslaved in this country because their own people sold them to whites for guns and ammunition, plus blacks arnt the only race to have been inslaved, irish-white, itallian-white,french-white, the chinese, indians, and the list goes on and on so do some fucking research you uneducated fuck

  8. Damn fu©king honky $hits, so fu©king racist, why don’t you go do something productive instead of this, HONK HONK, HONKY CAR IS COMING
    Damn cracker $hits, you people have the worse history ever…

    Who started World War 1? White Man
    Who started WW2? White man
    Who killed off all the american natives? White Man
    Who treated the aboriginees as $hit? White man

    Who was Hitler? White
    Who was Stalin? White
    Who was Fidel Castro? White
    Who is Bush? White
    Who was Mussolini? White

    The list goes on Honkies!!!!

  9. ill admit some of this stuff is raciest and the stuff that is makes me sick to my stomach and i hope they move to a country where they are discriminated against now hear my entire story before calling me a racist then feel free to comment as necessary but for most of it your pulling the race card unnecessarily
    7)Not Racist(those children could be crying for any reason,and don’t you think white people ride the bus alone? plus i don’t even thing they are crying)
    6)Not Racist(its a black desk for kids meaning of any race,in other words its referring to the color of the desk not the skin pigmentation)
    5)Racist(believe it or not every race can be racist not just the Caucasian race and saying that Caucasians are all Racist is Racism in itself)
    4)Depending on how you look at it,you could see it as racist but i just see them as Muppets and in my opinion Muppets don’t have a race but i say if its that controversial take it off TV and Internet
    3)Not Racist(while i would personally see nothing wrong with letting my child play with a African American doll i wouldn’t go out of my way to buy her one because i am not African American and i am sure that most African American people would not go our of their way to buy a Caucasian doll for their child and consider as of 2006 the African American population in the US was only 12% i can see why the African American doll might get a bad rating)
    2)If you will notice you will see nail polish remover to the bottom right now if the store did this on purpose then its wrong but i think it was just a case of bad placement because when you buy nail polish remover what are you going to need to go with them? cotton balls…
    1)Racist yes it is a common symbol of racial profiling that gives the rest of us Caucasians a bad name

    now i have no idea how anything i just said could be considered racist in any way
    if it is feel free to point it out

    and as far as saying all white people are evil like Hitler and Bush
    there has been a civil war in Africa for the past few years now does that make all black people war mongers? No,think next time you compare a race by a few bad seeds “Whitey hater”(this is referring to his post on September 19th, 2008 11:46 am)

    and as for all the Caucasians spouting out Garbage against black people shut your mouth your making us all look bad

  10. A lot of you people are idiots. This post isn’t some deep investigation into how much racism there is on the internet. It’s a joke topic about how anything can look racist if you have the suggestion. So before you complain about the item not being racist, try and grow a brain.

  11. I think the last picture isn’t as it seems, it is truly just the african american woman playing defence and she is in a crouched position as the caucasian woman is jumping up for a shot.

    And subliminal messaging and stuff is very popular these days, so you know, most of these may have been intentionally racist. I am not a racist however, but these pictures are indeed racist in some way, no matter what any of you people say.

  12. who was hitler- a deranged, sad, miserable, lonley, german dictator who morned over his dead mom sence he was a boy

    who was stalin- a fucking Russian!

    fidel castro- hes a fucking cuban dumbass hes not white!

    who is bush-um i dont no mabye a man that wanted to lead his country and help his people, and has done way more then you will ever do in your entire life, mabye hes screwed up a few times but he was trying to do it for the common goal and to help all.

  13. whos mussolini- an itallian dictator who was a terrible man but did what he belived was right.

    so do some research before you start being an arogant, uneducated, fuck ok?

    so do you know who these people are?

    Carlton Gary- no you dont

    Henry Louis Wallace- no you dont

    Coral Eugene Watts- no you dont

    Robert Mugabe- no you dont

    Muammar al-Gaddafi- no you dont

    Jean Bedel – no you dont

    Bingu wa Mutharika – no you dont

    look it up you peice of shit, they are of your people

  14. oh and am not 100% white either im also 2 types of natice american. but i dont like seeing ignorant fucks like you

    Before you go bashing whites know that the computer that you happen to be on, the tv your always watching and everything you own wouldn't be here if whites didn't invent it. it fact you wouldnt be here either cause according to you we forced you over here to america. well it wasnt us it was your own people that sold you to us! what the fuck are you complaining for? now you can be a lazy motherfucker and sit around all day here instead of fucking fighting for survival in Zimbabwe!
    Studies show that white males are the majority of inventors in science, medical, electronics, art, humanities, etc.
    and it doesnt really matter cause every other race has helped as well and have contributed just as much as whites have! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO CONTRIBUTE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    SO GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Whites also are inbreads.they mix with all thats white.Arabs.slovaks.china.Russia.all the stans.mixed.soup of races.Thats why we have all the diseases we have in this country.Cancers.Alls thats sick and nasty.

  16. get a sense of humor ya uptight fucks. you people don’t want to admit this is funny cause you’re probably afraid you might be racist yourselves

  17. oi u fukin dik-eds
    if you are so concerned about racism why go onto these sights?
    these things are for the humour for people who hate PAKIS!
    im not racist to a person is there own country i love them people but the dirty black basted’s that come into this country and within 1 month they have got millions…ha they can all die for me and if laugh harder than any 1 in the whole world..

    why dont the pakis play football
    because everytime they get a corner they build a shop on it!

  18. Look at all you people. your ether walking on eggshells or trying to start WW3. What the hell is wrong with all of you…..just laugh for fawk sake, this stuff is supposed to be funny/provocative, it’s supposed to make you think about yourself and laugh, not hate others. I don’t know who is dumber, the people who think this is raciest or the people trying to make this raciest.

    check out uncle ruckus from boondocks on adult swim.
    now that guy is FUNNY.

    so to all you haters out there

    To the master of this web domain
    Can you post some more humor like this but have it targeting white people. They are more fun to pick on cuz they don’t get there panties in a bunch.

    P.S. I am part africanamerican, einglish, scotish, sweetish, and native american……but if any of you saw me on the street you’d call me cracker or honky and the important part is…I DON’T CARE

    lastly…Hitler was a Swiss Jew you freaking morons….sereously


  20. the hate white America has shown for 400 years towards African Americans forced slavery which helped this country be who it is,hanging,killing,raping,and after all that white America just laughs the government put drugs in black Communitys and still continue to oppress African American,when charges are brought against them. violations will be brought to the ICC and the U.N. and when this happens who will be laughing

  21. Half of these are only racist if you’re looking for them to be racist. The gollywog serving breakfast was the mascot of a brand of marmalade until fairly recently. The Barney and Kid’s desk ones aren’t racist unless you’re looking for it. You’re trying too hard.

  22. Ummmmm, hitler’s mother WAS actually jewish….. Hitler was NOT christian, his beliefs were ‘communist based’, socialistic, meaning, not so much on the God spectrum……..

    Just saying…..

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