Top 8 Racist Things I Found On The Web

Here at Banned In Hollywood, we like to think of ourselves as incorrectly politically correct. We think it’s important to highlight race issues to render them less taboo.

Though our efforts usually fail, please remember that we are not in any way racist – the below 8 instances in racism, whether intentional or not, are simply images that we found while traveling in our cottonmobile on the trail of tears, where we eat rice and watermelon, and drink Kool Aid while playing basketball blindfolded with dental floss on the web.

That said, I present the Top 8 Racist Things I Found On The Web

8. Chop Suey Specs

Replace all your L’s with R’s and your friends will never know you’re not Oriental.

“Oh, herro fwend!”

7. Teaching Kids At A Young Age

I’m not sure which is more racist, the fact that the only black guy on the bus is riding alone in the back, or the fact that the white kids are crying, presumably because the black guy in the back is smiling and staring at them.

6. Black Kid’s Computer Desk

Guy: “Yee target playa, what it is, what it is? I’s lookin’ for a desk for my lil’ baby playa, yee.”

Employee: “Oh great, please head to Black Kid isle. It’s in the back of the store.”

Guy: “But dis I’da desk I wan, right hurr.”

Employee: “I understand, but please, this is the white kid isle. The black kid version is in the back of the store in the black kid isle. It’s adjacent to the watermelon isle, you can’t miss it.”

5. Racism Towards English Speakers

I guess maybe you pay extra for translation?

4. ‘What Makes My Breakfast Taste So Nice?…’

‘…Why, the fact that I don’t have to pay someone to bring it to me of course.’

3. The Personal Preference Versus Racism Type Of Racism

First of all, can you really call a baby made in China African American? Wouldn’t it be African Chinese or simply, Black? Maybe not, but regardless, I think this is more an issue of personal preference rather than of racism. To be fair, maybe the people who bought the African American Dream Baby simply didn’t have as much fun as the people who bought the Blonde Dream Baby – race aside.

Now if the African American Dream Baby were 20% off instead of just 16%, then you’ve got yourself some good ol’ fashion racism.

2. This Year’s Black History Month Is Going To Be A Racist One

I’m just going to let this one speak for itself.

1. WNBA Racism

I forget now where I found this one, but I remember thinking the above picture was funny in a taboo sort of way. Then I saw the below photoshop and the above picture suddenly wasn’t so taboo.

Judging by her jersey, I’m guessing this isn’t actually the WNBA, but did anybody actually notice? Didn’t think so.

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