Too much watermelon…

A friend of mine, name’s China, and no not like the wrestler with the dickclit, went to a private school in the greater Los Angeles area where they bussed in kids from other less affluent parts of the great city. Basically what that means is a bunch of wealthy kids and a bunch of poor kids went to school together and exchanged cultural terms. Niggaitis was one of them. And that dude passed out above looks like he’s got a case uh dat gad deng niggaitis.

Oh, and if you’re too lazy to click on that link, I provided a screener below for proof that I’m technically not being racist.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I have no idea what this proves. A Black male, who has supposedly eaten what appears to be 3/4ths of a watermelon, is lying on his back.

    1) Eating more than half of a watermelon by yourself is not an easy task, unless one is used to overeating.

    2) Assuming he did eat all of the watermelon, which I doubt, may have cause some kind of indigestion. Wouldn’t you want to lay down as well (to prevent vomiting)?

    3) There is a possibility that he may not have been eating it. It may not even be his. He may be laying down for several reasons like either being poor and tired from working the countless jobs one must in California in order to sustain a normal lifestyle, or even possibly he has just narrowly escaped a brutal police beating.

    Come on people…niggaitis?? I have never heard a black person use this word. It is possibly one of THE dumbest U.D. inventions of slang since the California Car Pool, or even the California Crab Dangler. (Check on Urban Dictionary. They are both there)

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