Tom Cruise, Kidman, and husband Keith Urban do Daytona 500

On Sunday morning Tom Cruise headed out to Daytona Beach, Florida to meet up with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman and watch her new husband Keith Urban perform a set for NASCAR enthusiasts at the 51st annual Daytona 500.

HuffPo reports,

“Urban took brief questions and laughed awkwardly when asked what his favorite racing movie is.

“Uhhhhh … `Cars’?” he stammered, choosing the animated movie over the more obvious “Days of Thunder” that featured his wife, Nicole Kidman, with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Later, Urban and Cruise both attended the pre-race driver meeting. The two were seated on opposite ends, but Cruise heartily applauded Urban when the singer was introduced.”

I cannot think of a story worse than this one–a closet-homo nut-job actor, a d-bag blond streaked and feathered country singer, and NASCAR all in one article–this article is about as interesting as watching David Hasselhoff do anything but eat burgers off the floor…

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