Tiger Woods Hires Ex-Bushie Ari Fleischer As PR Attaché

Yes it’s true, Hank Haney will not be the only highly paid and well recognized face seen with Tiger Woods in the weeks before he makes his anticipated return to golf at the Arnold Palmer Invitational held at Bay Hill later this month.

Woods has a new buddy — Ari Fleischer — Ex-George Bush Press Secretary and Plame Affair attaché. The New York Post reports,

Two sources in the golf community have told The Post that Ari Fleischer, the former presidential advisor to George W. Bush and the man who was brought in to help repair the steroid-shattered image of Mark McGwire, has been huddling with Woods, plotting a strategy for his return to golf — at the Arnold Palmer Invitational starting March 25 at Bay Hill in Orlando, Fla…

Palmer himself reportedly has told some close confidants that Woods is definitely playing Bay Hill. Quietly, the people running the tournament are preparing for a larger-than-usual media crush.

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