“This is the most impressive business card I’ve ever seen, It’s mine”

douchebagIf you spent the past few days questioning whether or not you are a douchebag, you most likely are douchebag.

If you drive a convertible white ’95 Ford Mustang or just about any other vehicle with flames emblazoned on its doors, you are a douchebag.

If you wear Oakleys and you are not a professional athlete, or If you bleach the tips of your hair, you guessed it — D-bag.

If you still question whether or not you are a douchebag, take out your business card and talk about it on camera for two minutes — if it doesn’t turn out like this video, there’s a chance you are not a d-bag.

If your two-minute segment turns out anything like this guy’s, you are a douchebag — simple as that.

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