The Solar Powered Bikini


New York based designer Andrew Schneider has developed a solar powered bikini that is capable of powering an iPod on a sunny day. The high-tech swimsuit comprised of thin, flexible photovoltaic film strips and USB connectors is hand woven with conductive thread — so be careful where you spill your beer.

solar-powered-usb-bikiniAnd while his motivation for the product appears to be technical, there’s no denying it’s really just to stare at hot women modeling his bikinis all day — which is similar to my motivation for posting about women’s swimwear on a guy’s lifestyle blog.

Schneider is now taking orders for his solar-powered bikini, and at just under $200 it’s not much more expensive than other overpriced swimwear, unless of course you wear bikinis of the Kirkland brand variety.

Smoking hot model girlfriend sold separately.