The Man Never Did Get His Burritos

When it comes to violent emotional breakdowns and faux Mexican food, like most things in Texas they do it big.

MSNBC reports that a patron entered a Taco Bell in San Antonio and upon finding out that the 99-cent Beefy Crunch burrito promotion he came for had ended, and that the Beefy Crunch burrito price point had skyrocketed to $1.49 (a 50% increase), the man pulled out a gun and fired a shot at store manager Brian Tillerson.

The man “pointed a gun at me, and he fired it. I leaned to the side and there was a pop but nothing happened,” Tillerson recalled.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun, but when the man went outside, Tillserson saw him put an assault rifle and a handgun on the roof of his car and fearing he would return, called the cops.

The man quickly left and after firing rounds at officers, barricaded himself in a nearby motel room where a standoff took place for the next three hours. The confrontation ended when police lobbed tear gas into the motel and the man was apprehended.

No one was hurt. The man will be charged with three counts of attempted capital murder, and additional charges are possible.

The man never got his Beefy Crunch burritos.

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